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Our unique service of an Application Checking Service allows you to get your application checked by an Immigration Expert and ensure that the application is valid before you submit it to the Home Office.This service is targeted to all clients, who have a basic understanding of the application process but require assistance with some aspects of the application, or even confirmation that the correct information has been included. 

The service includes:


·         We will schedule an appointment at our office and inform you to bring all the documents including the application forms. Your Immigration Advisor will ensure that the application is valid, as there is no right of appeal for invalid application.

·         There may be a requirement to complete other application forms or even the application form you have   completed is the in-correct one. In that case, we will go through with you and complete it together.

·         When we complete an application form, we look at the Immigration Law particularly paying attention to the Immigration Rules and Policies, we will ensure all the requirements are met and the relevant documents have been supplied. Un-necessary documents delay application or can even confuse case workers.

·         Edit your cover letter and add any required information.  We may provide our own cover letter with extra fee.


After the consultation, your legal advisor can be contacted if you have any further clarifications.

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